Useful Hacks for Your Clothes during Rainy Season

Useful Hacks for Your Clothes during Rainy Season

Are you looking for useful hacks for your clothes during rainy season? As we know monsoons are one of the most beautiful weather of Indian climate and for people of Mumbai, it’s a kind of festival that they cherish by their heart. As beautiful as it sounds, along with the rhythm of raindrops there are many things which accompany it unwantedly.  One of those problems is damped and dirty clothes, so for them, all you need is useful hacks for your cloths during rainy season.

But if you are confused about taking help from an online dry cleaning service in Mumbai then here are some hacks that you can use at your home.

Space Out While Hanging Them To Dry:

First and basic thing that you can do for keeping your clothes safe and fresh in the monsoon is to keep space between two clothes while drying them. For speeding up the drying process space two clothes at least an inch or more from each other. By doing this air will have the space to move and your clothes will dry faster. You can also make them dry in a high-speed fan overnight, as it will make them dry faster.

Remove The Moisture By Ironing:

Sometimes even after hanging the clothes dry for a whole day, they are still lightly wet. This is because of the moisture present in the atmosphere. Also when the moisture is not removed properly from the clothes they stink. The best solution for this is removing the moisture by ironing the clothes. It also vanishes faulty smell from the clothes. For big comforters and blankets, after washing, ironing is a must step that you must not forget.

Use Scented Detergents:

One of the common problems among everyone during Mumbai monsoons is the foul smell of clothes. Even after washing the clothes properly the smell just not leaves the clothes. For these situations, the perfect solution is to use scented detergents. And after washing you can use fabric conditioners so that it will lock the fragrance of clothes. 3-4 months of Mumbai are of monsoons so it is very essential to choose a good Online Dry Cleaning In Mumbai.

Keep A Check On Fungal Growth:

In Monsoons fungal growth on clothes are higher and it might give you severe allergies. The best way to avoid any kind of fungal or bacterial growth on fabric is by using disinfectants. You can buy these disinfectants from the market or can prepare on at home. Mix vinegar and baking soda in the water and soak the clothes in that. But before following this process make sure to read the washing instruction written on the clothes to avoid any harm to your dress.

Take Care Of Stain Removal:

Stains act suborn in monsoon, especially of dirt splashes. Even after being really careful, in monsoons while walking on the road, your clothes will surely get mud stains. To remove those stains you must soak the cloth for at least 30-40 minutes in detergent. And after that when you will wash the cloth it will give you spotless cleaning. But if the stain is not that big then you can do the spot cleaning using detergents.

Use Air-Fresheners:

In rainy seasons the best way to dry clothes is indoors. While making the clothes dry indoors, you must use air fresheners or scented candles. It will remove the damping fragrance from clothes and environment as well.  With this, you can do a wardrobe refresh and you no longer have to worry about wet clothes.

Clean Washing Machine Also:

Yes, it is very important to clean the washing machines too, because gradually it accumulates dirt and bacteria over time. This gathering leads to an unpleasant smell in the clothes, and to avoid this you must clean the machine frequently. You can use machine cleaners or can simply vinegar and baking soda to remove dirt.

Use Dryers After Washing Clothes:

For keeping your clothes safe you must make them dry properly. Like washing the clothes properly, making the clothes dry is equally important. So after every wash use of efficient dryers is necessary. If not a big one but investing in a medium-sized dryer will be a smart investment for monsoons.

In Conclusion

For making monsoons more pleasant you must care for your clothes. If you are too lazy to do all the above-mentioned hacks, you can simply contact online dry cleaning in Mumbai. With an affordable price, it will save you from experiencing a damp monsoon, Contact now!

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