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“Clothes maketh the man,” the saying goes. When you wear a well-made clothing, you just radiate comfort and confidence like no other. Dononman continues to draw on its rich legacy to offer a distinctive platform for Bespoke Apparel for the modern man after more than a decade of experience creating outfits for customers.

Why Dononman?

Your personal style can be expressed through tailored clothing. The item is not only made to fit your precise measurements, but also guarantees complete comfort, giving you room to express your individual style. On an intuitive interface, choose from a variety of alternatives for time-tested styles, modern patterns, premium fabrics, and a wide range of customising options. Discover the harmonious combination of fine fabrics, precise tailoring, and strong cuts for a look that ensures confidence and comfort.

Alterdry as a one of the best bespoke suit designer in Mumbai, Dononman has devoted customers, thanks to its artistry and fitting. Our crew makes the entire process of end-to-end clothing stitching deadline-oriented, straightforward, and entirely modern, starting with choosing the fabric and ending with designing. For the best suit stitching in Mumbai, Dononman, swears by its cut, excellent style comes with a tailored fit.

Dononman made2measure

Package Rates (Incl: Fabric & Stitching)

ItemsRates (del. within 7 days)Rates (del. within 3 days)
Shirt - Economical19002499
Shirt - Superior19003999
Shirts - Luxury39005100
Trouser - Economical23993199
Trouser - Superior43995700
Trouser - Luxury63998300
Blazer - Economical990012900
Blazer - Superior1390018100
Blazer - Luxury1590020999
2pcs Suit - Economical1290016999
2pcs Suit - Superior1890024999
2pcs Suit - Luxury2490032399
3pcs Suit - Economical1490019999
3pcs Suit - Superior2190028999
3pcs Suit - Luxury2910037999

Stitching & Fabric Range P/MTR For Men's Made 2 Measure Outfits

Minimum Stitching of Any 2 Outfits

Formal Blazer5500
2 Pcs Suit6500
Tuxedo Suit9000
Tuxedo Shirt1500
Tuxedo Trouser1500
Flexible Waist Trouser1500
Nehru Jacket/Bundi2250

Fabric Range Starts From

Shirt Fabric - Economical600
Shirt Fabric - Superior1200
Shirt Fabric - Luxury1800
Shirt Fabric - Italian3000
Trouser Fabric - Economical800
Trouser Fabric - Superior1400
Trouser Fabric - Luxury2100
Trouser Fabric - Italian3500
Blazer Fabric - Economical800
Blazer Fabric - Superior1400
Blazer Fabric - Luxury2100
Blazer Fabric - Italian3500
2 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser) - Economical800
2 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser) - Superior1400
2 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser) - Luxury2100
2 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser) - Italian3500
3 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser + Waistcoat) - Economical800
3 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser + Waistcoat) - Superior1400
3 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser + Waistcoat) - Luxury2100
3 Pcs Suit Fabric (Blazer + Trouser + Waistcoat) - Italian3500
Nehru Jacket/Bundi Fabric - Economical800
Nehru Fabric/Bundi Fabric - Superior1400
Nehru Fabric/Bundi Fabric - Luxury2100
Nehru Fabric/Bundi Fabric - Italian3500
Nehru Fabric/Bundi Fabric - Superior1400


Elevate your style and redefine your wardrobe with AlterDry’s impeccable Made to Measure formal shirts and suits for men online. Experience the perfect fit, premium fabrics, and limitless customization options. Discover your ultimate fashion destination with AlterDry today and transform the way you dress.

How It Works?

For your suit stitching in Mumbai, we offer doorstep assistance and send our experts (designers) to your residence or place of business. They assist you with selecting a garment’s design, taking your measurements, and gathering fabric (textile). After the suit stitching in Mumbai is completed in our workshop, we have it shipped to you.

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